Hire me!

As a full-time missionary priest working with the Sion Community for Evangelism, I’m available for hire. Why might you want to hire me?

“Hiring me” brings us to the sensitive topic of money. Jesus said “freely you have received; freely give”. When I was a parish priest, I could work on promoting evangelisation supported by my parish income. But now I work full time under a community which gains its income from assisting Catholic parishes and schools with the work of mission. Scripture also says the worker is worthy of his hire! So there is room for negotiation, but where possible I would expect to receive remuneration at roughly the national level recommended for clergy who are members of religious orders. This means that a reasonable fee (payable to “Sion Community”) would be:

  • 1-2 hours of offering expert advice to a group: £120
  • Public lecture: £90 per hour
  • Weekend supply in parish: £65 for one Mass with homily + £40 for each additional Mass with the same homily
  • Weekday supply: £40 per Mass

Travel expenses will be full reimbursement of any public transport expenditure (using the cheapest reasonable method) and the HMRC rate of 45 pence per mile if I am driving myself (negotiable down to cost-of-fuel in cases of hardship). Travel expenses should normally be paid directly by cheque to “G. Leyshon” or BACS details available on request.

I celebrate Mass daily, usually in one of the Sion community chapels at Coventry or Brentwood. I may be able to celebrate Mass for someone’s personal intentions, but I cannot guarantee my availability to do so, nor that any particular date will be free. Please enquire before sending any stipend. Once I agree to offer a Mass, the level of stipend is entirely at your discretion (including NO stipend), but £5 or £10 would be a typical offering. Please prefer your own parish priest before asking me to celebrate a Mass for your intentions. Mass intentions should normally be paid directly by cheque to “G. Leyshon” or BACS details available on request.

The Sion Community for Evangelism is a Registered Charity in England & Wales, No. 327967.