Are you bearing fruit?

Homily at St John Lloyd, for the Third Sunday of Lent. Year C

A few weeks ago I picked up a Voicemail message on my mobile phone – someone had clearly dialled a wrong number and left me a message saying: “Keith – Make sure you are in on time Monday, and bring your ID badge – the inspectors are coming.” It was “number withheld” so I had no way of ringing back and ensuring that Keith got the message, and I’ve often wondered since then what did happen when Keith got in on Monday morning.

God’s word also warns us to be ready. It’s not good enough that we come to Mass and receive Holy Communion – God also looks to see if our lives are fruitful. And I’m not going to say any more than this – instead I’d like to show you a video clip which lasts about 7 minutes. As usual, the bulletin contains some questions for you to reflect on this week, at home.

What good works or charity commitments have I allowed to let slip away in my life?

What commitments might I need to let go of, so I can do a few things well rather than many things poorly?

If I were put on trial for being a Catholic, what evidence could others present in court?