Legitimate Diversity: Carrying on and stepping aside.

In the Radical Catholic Centre Ground, there is room to handle leadership in more than one way.

There is room for a leader to give the courageous witness of offering every last breath to the ministry entrusted to him. Blessed John Paul II courageously did this and is loved for it.

There is room for a leader to realise that if he chooses to give such a witness, the institution he loves may suffer from a lack of those qualities which only a robustly healthy person can bring to the task. Pope Benedict XVI has decided that this is his current situation, and has chosen to resign. I believe that Benedict XVI will be loved for this courageous act of leadership, too.

In the Radical Catholic Centre Ground, it is possible to welcome Pope Benedict’s decision without implying any desire that he should have set aside his leadership for any reason other than failing capacity. In this sense, I welcome his decision.

May God bless our Pope and grant guidance to those charged with discerning his successor.