Every present has a past – and a future!

Homily at St John Lloyd with pupils from St John Lloyd School, for the First Sunday of Advent, Year C

Gift-wrapped box

(After holding up a gift-wrapped box…)

Why do we wrap up our Christmas presents?

Every present has a past – when we look at our wrapped-up presents we should remember that someone chose it and wrapped it for us, as an act of love.

Every present has a future – they are wrapped up now because a day will come when it is the right time to open it and enjoy the gift it contains.

In today’s readings, God says – I am GOING to keep my promise. We remember that in the past God gave us gifts, including the gift of Jesus living among us. We trust that in the future God will bring us all to a day of joy when all of God’s promises will be fulfilled. But right now we live in-between.

God is not a straight-away God. Advent is about learning to wait. The present is there! It’s a promise. But it’s wrapped up – we have to wait until the right time.

So in Advent we live in the present – and this wrapped-up present reminds us that we have already been loved and will experience future joy.

A wise person once said: yesterday’s history. Tomorrow’s a mytery. Today is a gift… that’s why it’s called the Present!